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Our Greenhouse From Above


Take a look at our greenhouse from above.  We have recently teamed up with Scape Supply Co. to provide more of the non perishable planters and supplies associated with interior landscaping.  This gives us the ability to provide some of the highest quality planters, mosses, and supplies in the industry.  We are focused on the live stuff, pretty much anything that lives in a pot, while Scape handles the rest.  Take a look at our video to see what kind of items we sell.  Stop by or give us a call today!

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We Love What Mr. Meattle is Doing!!

Well,  the fact that plants clean the air is not under debate, but what is debatable is the amount that they clean.  Here Mr. Meattle discusses his use of indoor tropical plants to clean the interior environment of his office space in India.  He discusses the use of 3 of the most common interior plants used in todays retail and home environments.  The benefits he is seeing is more pronounced due to the highly polluted exterior environment in his homeland, but is no less beneficial to us here in the states.  Some stats are hard to imagine, but the vibes from plants are real and help our human spirits function better and more productively.  Take a look and hear for yourself.

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Fresh Hawaiian Tropical Plants Have Arrived!

HawaiiShipment-1 HawaiiShipment-2

Fresh Hawaiian Tropical Plants have arrived!!!  Got a beautiful new shipment in this weekend from Hawaii.  Direct from Kona, the plants flew in via FedEx and were in great shape upon arrival.  After getting the plants back to the greenhouse, they are looking great, have already started to acclimatize.  They are beginning to open up and get adjusted to their long trip.  We have sizes ranging from 3 foot Warneckii, Lisas, and Compacta to our 7 foot Raphis, with plenty in between.  The greenhouse is feeling full and we wanted to let everyone know of Aloha spirit we have in house.  We brought in Lisa Cutbacks, Janet Craig Compactas, Michiko Tips, Warneckii Cutbacks, Raphis Excelsea, and some Kentia Palms.  These added to our already amazing selection of tropical foliage, give you over 50 different indoor plants to choose from. Give us a call today for our Current Availability.

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Leaf Cleaning


All of our Tropical Plants go through a full cleaning process before being prepared for delivery.  The leaves are usually covered in a white residue left over from the nurseries watering and fertilization programs.  We brighten them right up, check for pests or any unwanted disease and then allow them to acclimate for 2-4 weeks.  This time period allows for the plant to de-stress from the long journey and better survive the difficulties of living indoors.  With clean leaves the plants are better able to filter out toxins and carbon dioxide from the air.  This should be performed at least once a month with a soft dry cloth and weekly with a basic feather duster.

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New Arrivals Coming in Weekly


We are currently bringing in shipments weekly.  After a little time acclimating to the Texas climate from their long journey, the plants are ready for sale and installation.  Call us today to see how we can bring you the best quality commercial grade tropical plants in the United States.  With over 50 different trees, bushes, palms, and orchids, we definitely have something to fit your needs.