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Fresh Hawaiian Tropical Plants Have Arrived!

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Fresh Hawaiian Tropical Plants have arrived!!!  Got a beautiful new shipment in this weekend from Hawaii.  Direct from Kona, the plants flew in via FedEx and were in great shape upon arrival.  After getting the plants back to the greenhouse, they are looking great, have already started to acclimatize.  They are beginning to open up and get adjusted to their long trip.  We have sizes ranging from 3 foot Warneckii, Lisas, and Compacta to our 7 foot Raphis, with plenty in between.  The greenhouse is feeling full and we wanted to let everyone know of Aloha spirit we have in house.  We brought in Lisa Cutbacks, Janet Craig Compactas, Michiko Tips, Warneckii Cutbacks, Raphis Excelsea, and some Kentia Palms.  These added to our already amazing selection of tropical foliage, give you over 50 different indoor plants to choose from. Give us a call today for our Current Availability.

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